Appointment Information

Online Appointments for Byron Bay

6 Lawson Street, Byron Bay
Phone: 02 6685 6206
Fax: 02 6685 5788

Online Appointments for Suffolk Park

1 Bryce Street, Suffolk Park
Phone: 02 6685 3647
Fax: 02 6685 4988



Consultation is by appointment only. We offer a walk in clinic on a Saturday 8am-12 noon.

Please remember to call us first or book online 


Home Visits: please phone the surgery to arrange visits.

Long appointments must be booked in advance

These include;  pap smears, skin checks, excisions & mental health care plans, iron infusions, IUD and Implanons.

If you require an insurance medical examination or have a complex  problem(s) or think you may require a longer consultation, please book a longer appointment.

Cancelling your appointment

Please notify us in advance if you no longer require or would like to reschedule your appointment time. If you miss your appointment twice without letting us know beforehand an appointment will not be given until a fee of $85 is paid.

Telephoning and speaking with your doctor

Our staff are experienced in helping you decided whether the matter requires an appointment, a return phone call from the doctor, or urgent advice.

Test Results

Patients requiring results do need to make and appointment with the doctor who requested the tests to discuss appropriate follow up care.

 Electronic Communication

 In line with Privacy and confidentiality concerns, Bay Centre Medical Clinic chooses not to send results or sensitive information via email.  We have a high standard of internet security within our Practice, although email has risks that other forms of communication do not.

We ask that patients do not email the doctors. Unfortunately, this form of communication cannot be guaranteed to be actioned by the doctor.

 Social Media Policy

  • complying with confidentiality and privacy obligations 
  • complying with our professional obligations.
  • maintaining professional boundaries 
  • communicating professionally and respectfully with or about patients, colleagues and employers, and 
  • not presenting information that is false, misleading or deceptive, including advertising only claims that are supported by acceptable evidence.
  • Inappropriate use of social media can result in harm to patients and the profession, particularly given the changing nature of privacy and the capacity for material to be posted by others . Bay Centre Medical Clinic uses Social Media as a form of communication to our patients.